Vulnerability Assessment Services

Assessing, Securing, and Installation  

Secure Data Solutions Hailfire Services provide vulnerability assessment solutions designed to help you reduce your organization’s attack surface and ensure compliance. Our Hailfire solutions support scanning operating systems, network devices, next generation firewalls, hypervisors, databases, web servers, and critical infrastructure for vulnerabilities, threats, and compliance violations. The solution can be used for a single snapshot, used to gain visibility into your current security profile, or installed permanently as a continuous monitoring solution.  We offer customization, integration and training for our customer’s individual needs and are provided by experienced engineers and consultants. Secure Data Solutions also provides advanced services that require architecture design, planning, and full customizations that extend on from the Basic level service.

-Secure Data Solutions Security Team-

Vulnerability Assessment Services

  • Configuration and Compliance

    • (e.g., FFIEC, HIPAA, NERC, PCI, more)

  • Broad Asset Coverage

    • (Physical, Virtual, Cloud, Infrastructure)

  • Threat Detection

  • Malware, Virus, and BOT Detection

  • Multiple Scanning Appliance Options

  • 3rd Party Plugins for Specific Coverage

    • (Medical, SCADA, More)

  • Scheduled, individual, or Batch Scans

  • CVE Formatted Reports

  • Actionable Results

Hailfire Vulnerability Assessment Services

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