Security Snapshot

A Snapshot into your security profile

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  • High Risk Application Events

  • Web Security

  • SDSI Consulting

  • Data Loss

  • Threat Prevention Findings

  • Intrusion Events

  • Endpoint Security Findings

  • Bandwidth Analysis

  • SDSI Reference Architecture

  •  Virus Events

Actionable Results - Quick and Easy Progress

A Security Snapshot from Hailfire Services

Secure Data Solutions Hailfire Security Snapshot provides a simple and quick way to gain visibility into the current state of your corporate security posture. The snapshot appliance is installed unobtrusively with a simple SPAN/Mirror port and collects data for 5 to 7 days. The results are then presented to our customers with actionable information and tailored recommendations to complete their security profile. This is accomplished with minimal commitment in time from our customers during regular working hours.

-Secure Data Solutions Security Team-

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