Palo Alto Networks has stated that PAN 8.0 is the biggest release in the companies history! With the below features we agree that it is significant. 

To provide organizations with the best security capabilities to prevent successful cyberattacks, 8.0, includes a colossal amount of enhancements and capabilities, including:

  • Secure any cloud! AWS, Azure and more

  • Secure SaaS (Office 365, Box, Slack) with visibility and enforcement

  • Prevent sandbox evasion, automate C2 detection, and leverage advanced intel sharing

  • Prevent credential theft usage and abuse

  • Simplify security operations with enhanced management, speed and automation

  • New high-performance hardware

  • models to tackle encrypted traffic and more

Behavior Analysis

The acquisition by Palo Alto Networks of the Mountain View based Lightcyber brings behavioral anomaly detection to the Palo portfolio. Lightcyber uses deep packet inspection and machine learning to baseline user and entity behaviors to look for malicious anomalies using traffic analysis. This intelligence along with their clientless endpoint inspection called "Pathfinder", gives companies breach detection capabilities if any of their protection is bypassed. Secure Data Solutions has a Lightcyber engineer on staff and can run an assessment or a proof of concept for any interested organization. 


The Next Generation of the Next Generation 

What's new with Palo Alto Networks?

The creator of the "Next Generation Firewall" has not been sitting idle, and there have been big changes to the Silicon Vally security leaders portfolio in the recent months. They have made changes to their Traps endpoint, added Breach Detection and EUBA with the purchase of Lightcyber, and released the single biggest release of PAN OS to-date. Secure Data Solutions is prepared to educate you on these recent changes, or work with you to make sure you are getting the most out of your paloalto firewall. 

Traps 3.4

Traps has finally come of age, and is ready to replace traditional Anti-Virus and to compete with the other machine learning Next-Gen endpoint solutions. Traps is now an integral part of a holistic security solution and works with the Wildfire cloud and the Palo-Alto Next Generation Firewall. It is hard for other vendors to match the tight integration. Traps is also an essential part of a scalable "Zero-Trust" architecture by extending policies out to the client edge. Traps leverages threat intelligence, machine learning, static and dynamic analysis, and advanced stack and memory manipulation prevention. Gartner has added Traps to the visionary quadrant and has stated that "Organizations with existing Palo Alto Networks NGFW devices will be good candidates for an integrated deployment as an extension to their existing relationship with Palo Alto Networks."

Secure Data Solutions

Secure Data Solutions is a premier Palo Alto Partner. Besides offering and reselling Palo Alto as part of our security Eco-System, we offer a range of services and expertise that are unique to Secure Data Solutions. We are able to assess your current installation, offer installation and configuration assistance, and offer assessment services specifically around Breach Detection using the Palo Alto Lightcyber appliance.   

Contact Secure Data Solutions to help your organization with any of the below Palo Alto services:

  •  Zero Trust Design

  • Palo Alto Product Offering Update

  • Breach Detection Assessment using Lightcyber

  • Firewall Rule Optimization

  • Firewall Migration

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