Unstructured Data Health Check

An assessment of your  organizations unstructured data

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Hailfire Assessment Services

Secure Data Solutions Hailfire Unstructured Data assessments provide a quick and simple way to gain visibility into the current state of your corporate Unstructured Data and Data Governance. A Hailfire Engineer will deploy visibility agents on up to 10 servers and gather the information from your current data stores to determine the health, security and access to your organizations data. The results are then presented to you with actionable information and tailored recommendations specific to your environment. This is accomplished with minimal commitment in time and only a brief server interruption. 

-Secure Data Solutions Security Team-

Actionable Results - Quick and Easy Progress

  • Unstructured Data Audit

  • Sensitive Content and Compliance Discovery

  • Data Access Governance

  • Amount and Folders with Stale Data

  • Area's with Global Group Access

  • User Privilege and Access

  • Non-Expiring Password

  • Identify Unsanctioned Files (MP3, etc...)

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