Behavioral Attack Detection

An assessment of your attack surface using machine learning and statistical deviation

Hailfire Assessment Services

Secure Data Solutions Hailfire Breach Attach Detection leverages industry leaders powerful behavioral attack detection technology to learn expected network behavior and spot anomalous attack activities. This model catches attacks at any point in the attack lifecycle, especially early in the reconnaissance and lateral movement stages, which most other solutions miss. The results are then presented to you with actionable information and tailored recommendations specific to your environment. This is accomplished with minimal commitment in time and no network interruptions, and a solution can either be Network or Log based depending on your needs.

-Secure Data Solutions Security Team-

Behavioral Attack Detection

  • Looks for Active Breach Activity

  • Seeks Out Risky Behavior

  • Network Based and/or Log Based

  • Multiple Appliance Vendor Options

  • Anomaly Detection

  • Windows Agentless Endpoint

  • Linux Agentless Endpoint

  • Simple Span Installation or Log Installation

  • 2 Hour Installation

  • Up to 30 Day Collection Period

  • 3 - 1 Hour Working Session

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